Dynamic Direct Mail

by DirectMailers

Type: Engagement Package

Industry: Mortgage


Dynamic direct mail marketing delivers a targeted marketing strategy allows you to send personalized mail pieces directly to customers or prospects. This can all be done automatically by interacting with Total Expert's journey automation.
By leveraging our creative team and delivery best practices, you will be able to automate personalized, compliant mailings that can be tracked for delivery and engagement to drive better ROI out of your direct mail campaigns.
Dynamic direct mail is a powerful tool for businesses seeking a direct and personalized way to reach their audience, with the added benefit of tangible, physical mail that can make a lasting impression.


Features and Benefits

  • Create dynamic direct mail pieces that are personalized to each of your consumers by leveraging information available in your Total Expert Contact Record
  • Enhance your direct mail pieces with features including trackable hyper-local phone numbers, leveraging USPS Informed Delivery, providing branded QR Codes with personalized URLs, and dynamic landing pages to drive more conversions.
  • Easily track the ROI on your direct mail campaigns by receiving the physical mailers in the Total Expert platform, along with interaction details when consumers interact with the mail piece.