Scalable Advertising Solutions

by Adwerx

Type: Digital Advertising

Industry: Mortgage , Banking / CU


Adwerx is an industry-leading digital advertising automation platform that provides personalized, hyper-targeted, and fully-automated digital advertising solutions for mortgage lending companies and their top loan officers. 

Maximize your marketing spend and in front of past, present and future clients.  Adwerx provides an easy-to-use, affordable advertising solution that exposes your brand to new audiences and deepens relationships with your most valuable contacts.



Features and Benefits

  • Personalized: Every ad features the headshot & contact information for the loan officer
  • Automated: Ads are created automatically, requiring no extra effort, including an option to connect directly into your sales database to deliver messaging at an ideal frequency with ads turned on every day
  • Brand Compliant: Ensure your ads meet brand regulatory requirements with our compliance dashboard